HealthLink Chronology (listed by activity) Highlights

1997 - present - Our participation led to landmark Massachusetts air regulations in 2001, limiting NOx, SOx, Mercury and CO2. As the only community watchdog group, we are giving DEP the starch to hang tough with the industry. We continue to send testimony by letter or in person regularly at governmental hearings and are relied upon by our allies to show up and speak out.


January 2010 - Co-plaintiff in law suit against Salem Harbor Station for opacity violations of the Clean Air Act.

July 2008 - Stakeholders' meeting with DEP on Dominion's plan for emission regulation compliance.

June 2007 - Present - HealthLink's Jane Bright sits on Governor's Air Permitting Streamlining Project.

2006 - Present - Healthlink testified at various hearings relevant to offshore LNG factory projects.

2005 - 2007 - Participating in  RGGI negotiations and talks.

Feb 2006 - Testified at MA DEP hearing for strict CO2 regulations, Salem.

Dec 2004 - Testified at Army Corps of Engineers hearing on Cape Wind, Boston, MA.

March 2004- Testified at Citizen Hearing on EPA Proposed Power Plant Mercury Regulations, Portsmouth, NH.

Nov 2003- Testified at DEP power plant Mercury regulations public hearing.

Sept 2003 - Coal Ash Bill and Hearings. Worked for responsible disposal.

Sept 2003 - Jane Bright invited to testify at Sen. Jefford's hearing on mercury and power plants in Boston.

Spring 2003 - Meetings with plant workers at Salem Harbor Generating Station to find common ground.

March 2002 - Testified at Army Corps of Engineers hearing on Cape Wind.

Nov 2002 - Lori Ehrlich appointed to Governor's Environmental Transition Team; Oct '03 on DEP Advisory Council.

Spring 2002 - Shareholder resolution demanding PG&E corporate responsibility got a respectable 9% vote.

Feb 2000 - present - Joined CLF's suit resulting in legal agreement that PG&E remediate wastewater storage.

July 2000 - DEP hearing on NOx and SOx limits. HealthLink brought largest turnout ever for a DEP hearing.

Spring - Fall 1998 - Negotiations with PG&E (US Gen.)


2002-Present: Weekly activist meetings. Open to all who wish to bring energies to the HealthLink agenda. Working with local communities to install renewable energy; heightening awareness on safer substitutes for toxins; following coal mining issues in Colombia and Appalacia; reaching out to students, community members to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Aug 2007 - Produced a video illustrating the renewable energy poster project installed on the Blue Line, interviews highlight sentiment and discussion of local RE installations.

Aug - Sept 2007 - Installed renewable energy message series on the Blue Line to inform commuters about true cost of fossil fuels. Launched poster series with demonstration, literature, at Wonderland.

July - 2007 - Installed Renewable Energy Billboards:  Salisbury, Lynn, Revere, Beverly, and Topsfield near the fairground. Received press coverage.

June 2007 - Beach Bluff Park Wall Raising/Global Warming Awareness Event, Beach Bluff Park, Swampscott.

Apr 2007 - Dominion (owners of Salem Power Plant) Annual Meeting - Protest and rally for clean up of CO2 emissions. HealthLink represented shareholders at Annual Meeting at Intercontinental Hotel, Boston. Spoke out at Annual Meeting for corporate responsibility re vendors in Colombia, held vote on diversification to renewables. Held stakeholders' rally outside, in rain, in support of both issues.

Mar 2007:- HealthLink invited by Whole Foods Market to table clean energy information, Swampscott.

Nov 2006 - Solar Now: Energy Harvest Festival, Beverly, Wind Wigglers and info.

Sep 2006: Mercury Products bill passage, celebration with Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow and bill sponsor Representative Doug Petersen.

July 2006: Green Car Festival, Ipswich Town Hall. Co-sponsor and tabled info.

Nov 2003 - present - Pesticide Awareness Campaign. Initiated the successful campaign to dissolve the toxic partnership between US Youth Soccer and ChemLawn; general awareness.

April 2002 - Washington DC with "Grandfathers against Grandfathering" petition. Met regulatory officials with neighbors of refineries. Held rally for Clean Air at Lincoln Memorial, pictured in Time magazine.

June 2001 - Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior visited Salem. HealthLink delivered demand letter to PG&E. Greenpeace activists climbed coal pile with signs "Global Warming Starts Here" and made national news.

April 2000 - Attended, spoke out at PG&E's Annual Meeting. Held Stakeholders' rally in support of regulations.

Spring 2000 - Dead Bodies demonstration at PG&E offices illustrated Harvard's study on effects of power plant pollution.

June 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 - Take a Stand for Prevention at Salem Harbor Station to inform public to heighten awarenss about links between toxins and disease.

Spring 1998, 1999 - Leafleted A Civil Action & Erin Brockovich to activate public for clean air regulations.


2008 - Meet the People Behind Colombian Coal with Prof. Avi Chomsky.

2008 - Film Showing: Two Angry Moms, co-sponsored community showing and talk by documentary film-maker.

Aug 2008 - Dominion All Over. Panel of local experts discuss the Salem Power Plant economics and mountain top removal for coal. SATV studio, with DVD produced & available.

2008 - Film showing: King Corn and Kilowatt Hours

Oct 2007 - Essex County Renewable Energy Roundtable, Peabody.

Sept 2007 - Ocean Power and Clean Energy Forum, with Safer Waters in MA and Ocean Conservancy. 

Apr 2007- Healthy Home Party and demo with AHT on lesser toxic household products for our children, homes, gardens and personal care.

Mar 2007- NESEA Conf: Building Energy for a Changing Climate, Seaport World Trade Center, Boston. HL's Jane Bright presenting "Health Impacts of Fossil Fuel".

Dec 2006 - HealthLink Awards Night. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll - commitment to renewable sustainable energy. Swampscott Board of Health member Larry Block - mercury warnings in fish at point of sale. Marblehead's inventor Jim Poss - Big Belly solar trash compactor.

Nov 2006: Who Killed the Electric Car & An Inconvenient Truth, Salem Cinema. Tabled info.

Nov 2006 - Gloucester Clean Energy Fair, Gloucester High School, Wind Wiggler Workshop.

Nov 2006 - Slide show: The True Cost of Coal: Salem's Connection to the People of Colombia,  Salem.

Oct 2006 - Reaching out for Renewable Energy, Topsfield Fair. Hosted 3-day event - engaged the fairgoers in dialogue on clean renewable energy. Gave out flourescent bulbs.

Sep 2006- Film showing: One in Eight: Janice's Journey, Salem. A personal  journey with breast cancer

Sep 2006 - Film showing - Renewable Energy: Modern Marvels, Marblehead.

Aug 2006 - NSAIR conclusions, presentation of HealthLink generated report on air quality, toxins and related health issues in communities of Marblehead, Beverly and Salem. HL office.

Aug 2006 - Daytime Wind Wiggler Art Workshop for kids w/adult. HL office, Swampscott.

Aug 2006 - Participated in: Opportunities for Savings through Energy Efficiency and Renewables. Sponsored by Congressman John Tierney. Salem.

Aug 2006 - Geothermal Presentation, Swampscott Public Library, 7 pm. 

Aug 2006- Veggie Energy! Presentation on a van to travel from Massachusetts to California, run on vegetable oil. HL office.

July 2006- Film Showing: Too Hot Not to Handle, HBO doc. on Global Warming.

Oct 2005 - Forum: Global Warming - What is the Problem? Caring for Creation - Linking Religious Communities to Solutions, Swampscott and Salem.

Sept 2005North Shore Air Inventory Review - Presentation of air emission data collected and mapped in Salem, Marblehead and Beverly

Aug 2005 - Wind Power on the North Shore: Possibilities and Realities, Swampscott

June 2005 - Forum: Wind Power, Lynn

May 2005 - Celebrate the Wind - Wind and Kite Festival with Kites Over New England, Nahant Beach

Jan 2005 - Land-Based, Wind Power for the North Shore, with Metropolitan Area Planning Council and UMass Renewable Energy Lab, Ipswich

Oct 2004 - Global Warming: Local Problems, Local Solutions, speakers: John Anderson, NE Aquarium; Sonia Hamel, MA Director of Air Policy; Bob Tina, Regional Wastewater Facility, site of anemometer; Lynn

April 2004 - Breast Cancer- Our Health and the Environment, with Mass. Breast Cancer Coalition; Salem

March 2004 - Cape Wind -Why Now? Speakers:  Marc Rodgers, Communications Director, Cape Wind; Fara Courtney, Coastal Issues Policy Consultant; Salem

Nov 2003 - Healthy Planet - Healthy People: Emerging Energy Technologies: Harnessing Ocean Power, speakers: Greg Watson, MTC; Alla Weinstein, AquaEnergy; Alexander Gorlov, Gorlov Turbine; Lynn

Oct 2003 - Mercury and our Health, public hearing on mercury advisory postings, Swampscott Board of Health

Oct 2003- PetLink: Our Pets - Canaries in the Coal Mine? Lynn shore drive dog walk; speakers:  Rodney Page, DVM, Cornell Univeristy & local vets, Marblehead

Sept 2003 - Healthy Planet - Healthy People: Emerging Energy Technologies: Wind and Solar, speakers: Kevin Knoblock, UCS; Mike Jacobs on Wind Energy; Leslie Grossman on Photovoltaics; Lynn

Jan 2003 - Growing up Healthy in a Toxic World, speakers: Dr. Ted Schettler, Physicians for Social Responsibility; Salem

Nov 2002 - The Environmental Links to Breast Cancer, speaker: Julia Brody, Silent Spring; Salem

Oct 2002 - The Hidden Co$t$ of Coal: From Cradle to Grave; Beverly

July 2002 - Healthy Planet - Healthy People: Global Climate Change, speakers: Ross Gelbspan; EPA's Mandate, Eric Schaeffer, Salem.

Dec 2001 - Wind Energy Forum, UMass Energy Renewables Lab, Cape Wind, others. Marblehead

Dec 2000 - Intro to Renewable Energy,Salem

1998 - 2000 - Salem Harbor Station: Health Impacts. Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead, Lynn, Beverly, Manchester


Sponors and co-sponsors of the following: 

Apr 2009 - Earth Day at Salem State College  and North Shore Community College Earth Fest

Dec 2008 - Received New England Grassroots Environmental Fund grant for training in stack opacity violations. 

Apr 2008 - Earth Day at Salem State College - Food: Justice and the Environment. 

Nov 2007 - HealthLink Awards to Nikki Stracka - LiveGreen, Marblehead High School Sustainability group; Dave Liscio, Lynn Item Reporter and Adjunct Environmental Professor, Endicott College, Avi Chomsky, local Colombia Solidarity Founder and SSC professor.

Sept 2007 - Swampscott Rotary, presentation on Power Plant and renewable energy.

Oct 2007 - Brookwood School Sustainability Fair, Manchester. Tabled info on renewable energy.

Aug 2007 - Cosponsored delegates' (doctors, student and videographer) travel to Colombia's coal mining region to investigate and take a stand for human rights for the people of the region.

June 2007 - Centerville School Open House: Celebrate Renewable Energy, Beverly. Tours of building (wind & solar), Wind Wigglers Workshop, partnered with and Solar Now.

Apr 2007- AHT Legislative game: How a Bill Becomes Law, Salem

Apr 2007 - Step It Up 2007 - Global Warming Rally, with Marblehead LiveGreen students at Devereux Beach, live bands, kites & speakers.

Apr - Jun 2007 - Wind Wiggler Workshop for Kids & Renewable Energy info table, Bentley School Salem; Carlton School Salem; Nahant Earth Day Fiesta; North Shore Community College Earth Day; Solar Now Beverly; Beach Bluff Park Swampscott.

Apr 2007- Earth Day at Salem State College. Cosponsored our 7th Earth Day event with students and faculty linking a healthy environment through research, art and activism. 

Jan 2006 -  Received Massachusetts Technology Collaborative grant to Reach Out for Renewable Energy in Essex County

Apr - Sept 2005 - Wind Wiggler Art Workshop for Kids & Wind Power surveys for adults, Nahant, Swampscott, Marblehead, Beverly, Salem

Apr 2004 - Initiated and sponsored Open House at the Carlton "green" School, Salem

2005 - Developed educational wind power power point presentation. Trained prresentors.

Jan 2005 - Received Massachusetts Technology Collaborative grant to educate local communities and promote initiatives for wind power.

Fall 2003 - Received EPA grant to link the communities of Beverly, Salem and Marblehead in a survey of sources and health consequences of air toxins. Salem State nursing students will review health impacts.

Salem State College - Created Salem State College EARTH DAY - Linking Health and the Environment through Research, Art and Activism. Featured student research projects, speakers and art. Earth Day Award Recipients: 2001- Diane Dumanoski; 2002- Jan Schlichtmann, Governor Jane Swift; 2003 - Ross Gelbspan, Cindy Luppi, 2004- Dr. Jill Stein, Dr. Paul Epstein, 2005 - Congressman Tierney, Veronica Eady; 2006 - Jose Julio Perez, Danny Farber.  2007 - Sustainability and Global Warming theme

Winter 2002 - Working with BU School of Public Health on a 5 years project to make public health studies more useful.

North Shore Community College and local high schools- Introduced Renewable Energy series forums.

Interns - Environment majors from Dartmouth College, Salem State College, local high schools.


Green building visits - Carlton School, Salem; Centerville School, Beverly; Joppa Flats Headquarters, Newbury 

Wind turbine visits - Princeton, MA; Hull, MA; Searsburg, VT; Denmark; and Lynn, MA - proposed site.


2008 - 2010 - Healthy Food and Sustainability in New England Hospitals with Health Care Without Harm.

2005 - Essex County Renewable Energy Committees eligible for Green Communities grants

2002 - North Shore Colombia Solidarity. Focusing on human rights issues in coal mines in Columbia, S.A. which provide coal for the Salem Harbor Generating Station.

Sept 2001 - Salem Alliance For the Environment (SAFE). Focusing on reduction of greenhouse gases in Salem.

2000 - Alliance for Healthy Tomorrow. Founding member, focusing on protection of children's health.

2000 - Wenham Lake Watershed Association. Forced cleanup of coal ash from drinking water reservoir for 80,000 residents of Beverly, Salem and parts of Wenham.



Health Care Without Harm

New World Foundation

New England Grassroots Foundation

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

UU Church of Greater Lynn

BU School of Public Health

Barr Foundation