Energy Efficiency at Salem's Carlton School

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Salems Carlton Elementary School features 31 kW of solar photovoltaic cells, including 30 kW of flat panels mounted on the school roof and 1 kW of photovoltaic-insulated windows for the schools greenhouse. A small 1 kW wind turbine, provides power to the greenhouse. In addition, there are a variety of energy-efficiency features, inlcuding: a computerized energy monitoring station for the students, harvesting natural light panels in the gym, sensor detectors for lights and an educational program with elements designed to teach students about green, energy-efficient and renewable technologies. Predicted energy savings beyond code: 20.6% Predicted avoided energy costs (2002): $10,000/year.

Carlton School Aug 27, 2006 at 8:33 AM
Salem, MA 978-740-1280