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Share your stories. Tell how your community is reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. Entries could include information on renewable energy installations, efficiency/conservation, green building features & cost savings, municipal purchasing of clean energy & rebates, creative approaches to saving. For example:

Gloucester hired an "energy specialist" to conduct a training session working with custodians, janitors, teachers, principals in the schools best practices for energy savings. Some of the issues addressed - maintenance, utilizing low tech energy savings solutions and changing behaviors- will save Gloucester a significant amount of money in energy costs and reduce fossil fuel use. Gloucester learned its town ice rink temperature had been set set at 0 degrees - this was changed to 31 degrees!

Rockport High School has installed an anemometer to determine if the site is feasible for a wind turbine.

Amesbury Cider Hill Farm is striving to become sustainable. Having installed 3 wind turbines, Cider Hill is now pursuing other methods for fossil fuel independence.

Danver's Holton-Richmond Middle School is a green building boasting solar panels, xeriscaping, state-of-the-art lighting, a cistern rain water collection system for landcaping needs. 

Haverhill's Library saves on heating and cooling through the use of a geothermal heat pump.


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3:53 PM
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3:48 PM
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12:32 PM
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2:07 PM
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