About HealthLink

Our mission is to protect and improve public health by reducing and eliminating pollutants and toxic substances from our environment, through research, education, and community action.

Started in 1997, we reached our first goal In 2001 to strengthen the Massachusetts regulations covering coal- fired power plants built before 1978, including the Salem Harbor Generating Station in Salem, MA. As long as the power plant is operational, we will work to ensure it complies with clean up regulations.

HealthLink promotes the use of clean renewable energy, efficiency and conservation to reduce dependence on coal and other fossil fuels; we work to reduce pesticide use and promote safer alternatives to commonplace toxic chemicals.

HealthLink is -

An all volunteer, non-profit group of concerned individuals working collectively to protect people from disease-causing pollution. We thoroughly research problems of concern. We inform citizens about environmental risks to human health. We marshall public opinion and encourage the public to voice their opinion. As citizens, we get what we ask for - - we ask for good health and a clean environment! (HealthLink is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit and all contributions are tax deductable.)

HealthLink's Projects 

Working for energy sustainability through clean, renewable energy, conservation and efficiency

  • Presentations to the public on new frontiers in clean energy sources from geothermal, to wind and solar, to ocean currents and tidal power.
  • Links with community groups and Renewable Energy Committees in municipalities in Essex County.
  • Billboard and subway campaign to move the public attitude towards renewable energy one step up - from vaguely opposed to undecided, from undecided to affirmative, from affirmative to proactive.
  • Features in newspaper articles on front pages and inside. 
  • Involvement of kids and parents in Wind Wigglers Art Workshop held at fairs, festivals, and places where people gather designed to raise consciousness about the power of wind.
  • Public Education:

  • Presentations on health dangers from power plant pollution to the public at large meetings in Boston, Salem, Beverly, Lynn, Swampscott, Marblehead, Nahant, Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea. 
  • In-depth information on toxics for governmental, cvic and religious groups, Boards of Health, and local, state and federal officials.

Media coverage 

  • Appearances on TV news, local cable TV programs and radio programs to counter industry's misinformation campaign.
  • Features in newspaper articles on front pages and inside - local, Boston, and national, letters to the editor, editorials, op eds and features. 

Campaign for corporate responsibility

  • Engagement in protracted negotiations and dialogue with industry. Challenged plans for new all-coal plant in Salem which will result in more CO2 and mercury. 
  • Documented failure of environmental stewardship by management at Annual Meetings of owners of Salem Harbor Generating Station - first owner PG&E, currently Dominion.  Received national press coverage.

Air Pollution - Regulatory involvement and watch-dogging

  • Participated in meetings with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the power plant industry and citizen organizations to write new air pollution regulations ending the loophole that exempts old power plants from modern emission standards. 
  • Publicized hearings held by the DEP - resulting in the largest public attendance of any DEP hearing in state history. Coordinated experts and submitted supporting research and testimony in support of stronger regulations.
  • Advocated for a healthy human habitat in meetings with representatives of the Governor, the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and Secretary of the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency and its Commissioners with the Clean Air Now! Coalition.

Solid Waste - Clean up of coal and oil combustion

  • Provided critical community support in settling a suit with PG&E to stop the 40-year practice of dumping toxic waste into unlined ponds on site of their plants. Secured ongoing public participation and remediation in toxic cleanup.
  • Joined in a law suit to force the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reclassify combustion waste as hazardous material and thereby insure proper disposal and remediation of this toxic legacy.
  • Worked with the residents of Freetown, MA, where ash from the Salem power plant is disposed, to ban the continued expansion of unlined landfill sites threatening their drinking water.


  • Work with veterinarians and pet lovers to heighten awareness about dangerous toxins in our pets' environment and decrease toxins which affect pets' health.

Trash Incineration

  • Joined with citizens across the state to oppose lifting of the ban on expanding incineration and to promote recycling, reusing, and other trash reduction means.
  • Working in opposition to proposed 50% increase of toxic emissions from the RESCO trash burning plant in Saugus.

Drinking Water:

  • Alerted the communities of Salem, Beverly and Wenham of the danger to 80,000 people's drinking water contaminated by the fly ash waste products of Salem power plant coal combustion disposed at the Vitale site on the shores of Wenham Lake reservoir.
  • Studied the Vitale toxic landfill site in Beverly and currently organized community support for expanded site investigations and contamination remediation.

We have learned that market forces do not protect us or the environment.

We have seen government representatives overly influenced by the industries they are charged to regulate.

And, we have learned the importance of public involvement - that ordinary citizens can and do make a difference.

It is time to influence the policies which will shape our future! We have a right and a responsibility to insist that our health and the health of our children be protected from a toxic inheritance. We invite you to join with us and contribute your time or make a donation to support this work. We welcome volunteers and enjoy working together in the spirit of community.